The King Building:  This brick and timber building is so outstanding that we had to try to highlight some of it's amazing architectural details.  With the creative use of LED landscape lighting, we were able to light the entire facade with less power than a single, standard incandescent bulb.  

Another interesting challenge in this building is the lack of underfloor access to install in-floor boxes for data and power in the center of conference rooms.  We found a great product designed to address this problem, and we were able to bring power, data, and HDMI connections from the conference room table, back to the screen on the wall.

McCallister St: This 19th century Victorian in Alamo Square was in need of a new Kitchen and Bathroom.  The homeowners had a great design and together we came up with some interesting  ideas and creative use of dimmable, LED strip lighting.



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STUDIO TsQ: This spacious, open office for a talented Architectural firm was created inside of one of Oakland's most beautiful Brick and Timber buildings.  Built in 1903 and completely seismically retrofitted, this building has 13' high ceilings and exposed Douglas fir posts and beams.  With no dropped ceiling, every piece of electrical and mechanical work in this building is done in surface conduit and sheet metal, which gives a very modern feeling to an historic property.  This office required over 12,000 ft. of CAT 6 cable, all tucked away in exposed 2" conduit, neatly bent and installed overhead in a "trapeze".